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    Reduce the approval timelines and paperwork in your building plan scrutiny processes. Our innovative e-Governance solution provides faster responses to architects and engineers and increases the productivity of department officials.

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As leading software product innovators for the AEC industries, SoftTech Engineers Ltd (Previously known as SoftTech Engineers Pvt Ltd)’s game-changing solutions have won critical acclaim both in India and abroad for raising the standards of the construction and infrastructure management processes.

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The trusted software solutions provider
for government entities and enterprises in the construction and infrastructure industries

As pioneers in automating building plan approval systems in India,
SoftTech Engineers Ltd (Previously known as SoftTech Engineers Pvt Ltd) uniquely understands your specific business needs.

With over 250+ urban agencies across the country benefiting from the enduring business-added value of our reliable software solutions, our immense amount of experience translates into a high level of knowledge, efficiency, and service for you!

From government organisations to large infrastructure players, to architects and real estate companies and construction enterprises, we have the right solution to streamline the progress of your projects!