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Why Partner with us?

At SoftTech, we understand and appreciate the key role that our channel partners play in our mutual success. We are wholly committed to provide you with the very best solutions backed by dedicated and responsive sales and support teams to accelerate your business growth.

Our approach to partnerships is based on complete transparency and agreement with our others partners and customers. We believe in collaborative decision making with our partners to ensure equal representation of different views.

Grow with Us.

Become a SoftTech Partner and you will see your revenue & operating margins increase as our business relationship becomes stronger. As you meet the quality and quantity targets agreed, so the benefits to you will increase.

Collaborate with the leaders in AEC.

SoftTech Engineers is a leading software product company with focus on the Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) vertical. Our products have attained the pinnacle position in their field of application.

Our Building Plan scrutiny and approval software – AutoDCR, is the leader in India. The product has been recognized by various India and International association for its uniqueness and its market success. PWIMS – is one of the leading works procurement management software chosen by large works oriented organizations like State level public works departments (PWD) and engineering divisions of public sector undertakings (PSU)has been highly applauded by the market. Our other products – Opticon and CreoLex are highly specialized to the needs of construction and architecture industry, gaining the leadership in their respective fields.

Our partners collaborate with us to ensure best leadership solutions for their clients.

Add to your Portfolio. We constantly innovate.

SoftTech was conceptualized with a strong ‘Innovation DNA’. We are the product innovators and have maintained this belief throughout our journey. In last two decades, we have successfully been able to introduce more than 10 AEC specialized products.

Our technical research team is constantly pursuing innovation needs in AEC industry. At SoftTech, product development teams not only work on new product directions but also persistently enhancing our current suite of products.

We enable our partners with these leading product innovations, giving them a larger portfolio to offer.

Tailor your solutions to meet all your customer needs.

SoftTech prides in our domain knowledge and industry expertise. We understand that the needs of this industry could vary from business to business and geos to geos. The same thought is reflected in the design of our software products.

Our products have centralized management, full scalability, low resource consumption and adaptability to multiple platforms. The collaborative solution of our products with partner’s market spread or technology services, would meet all our client’s needs.

Join us today.

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