TechSeek Hour

Have a look at how SoftTech Engineers Pvt Ltd’s products can be employed to benefit your organisation.

At the core of SoftTech Engineers Pvt Ltd lies product development, and we strongly believe in converting it into an experience beyond just products.

TechSeek Hour is an initiative by the Product Minds at SoftTech Engineers Pvt Ltd giving a preview of what we can do for your company. It would give you a complete showcase about how our products can benefit your organisation and how they can be employed to your business.

We encourage you to have a candid discussion about what you foresee as challenges in the business and be the advisors for our future products.

Please take a look at the TechSeek Hour Calendar below and choose an event you’d like to sign up for.

Month Topics for TechSeek Hour
Oct Project Management in Construction Business
Nov BIM Model
Dec Automating Works in Government Departments
Jan Building Plan Approval – Need of the hour for ULBs
Feb Complying with ULB ByeLaws – Guidebook for Architects
Mar Improving margins in the Construction business during the challenging times
Apr Leveraging technologies to prevent wastages in the Construction business