Construction ERP- OPTICON™

OPTICON™ a comprehensive construction ERP is a ready-to-implement solution that specifically meets the requirements of the construction industry. An ERP which especially satisfies the engineering aspects of estimation, tendering, project planning and control. Construction business management is a dynamic field, facing newer opportunities and challenges, with every passing year. For any construction enterprise it is it vital to be agile in managing operations as well as pre-empting changes in market and business environment.
OPTICON™ a construction ERP, empowers construction businesses with automated core industry processes, gives complete control of information enabling them to the next level of decision making, improved margins and optimized processes.

enables, integrates, and accelerates
all aspects of a construction business in a single solution

Think Enterprise…
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As per varied business needs of construction industry, OPTICON has been packaged into 2 main products:

Opticon360 OpticonGalaxy

OPTICON 360 – For growing construction business, providing holistic view of the business to enable quick decision making, optimized productivity & reduced cost centers.

OPTICON Galaxy – For leadership business, accelerating them to next level of growth through smart systems of business computing, market intelligence and analytical decision making.

Each of the products is available in 2 main variants: Opticon Build and Opticon Construct – tailored to map real estate businesses and construction enterprises processes respectively.