PreDCR is a software application used to create the architectural plan as per AutoDCR software requirements.


PreDCR works under AutoCAD environment with additional menu & toolbar. Using PreDCR commands users can create all the required layers in one click. Once all the layers are created in the drawing, a user can use AutoCAD commands to draw layout plan. As per AutoDCR requirements all building items like proposed plot, proposed work should be drawn on the corresponding layers. Short commands are provided to activate any layer in PreDCR. At any time a user can verify if the drawn entities are properly closed or not, if proper name text has been written inside all closed poly or not etc. PreDCR will highlight all the failed entities if any. PreDCR can be used to modify/make and verify the existing or new architectural plan as per AutoDCR software requirements. Users are free to use AutoCAD commands and or PreDCR commands to achieve the main purpose which is: Drawing the architectural plan in DWG format as per AutoDCR software requirements.


  • Standardization of submission drawings-Brings uniformity & standardization in submission drawing format. This software will correct some minor drafting errors and also provide list of failed entities with auto-zooming facility so that user can easily locate the failed entities in the drawing.
  • Operational ease and convenience-Data redundancy is eliminated from the drawing. Only minimum required entities are to be drawn in the drawing as most of the data will be auto detected by the system from existing available data.
  • Increased speed and efficiency– PreDCR facilitates auto-insertion of many drawing entities like parking, door windows etc. of required size and number. Test auto-insertion facility saves text typing efforts. Auto-dimensioning and auto-calculation facility saves calculation efforts. Using this software, a user can create all the required layers at one click.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy in area calculations is achieved. Preparing calculation tables, showing dimensions in the drawing is not required.

Who for

  • Registered Architects and Civil Engineers under the municipal corporations where AutoDCR is implemented.
  • Building Plan Approval Agencies.
  • Architectural colleges.