Quantity Estimation & Project Management Software

QE-Pro® is well-established software for preparing cost estimates from building models


QE-PRO is a highly interactive and sophisticated Windows based software for cost estimation of civil engineering structures, preparation of tender documents and bills. It is designed to adopt different District Schedule Of Rates (DSR) or Schedule of Rates (SOR) provided by competent authorities for the execution and monitoring of civil works. QE-Pro offers a user-friendly interface to carry out detailed rate analysis of items of DSR.

QE-PRO has Engineering Modules such as importing the drawing from AutoCAD and Struds to QE-PRO, performing Estimation, Tendering, Billing and other schedule management. It provides you the facility of exporting the project data to MS Project and Struds. This would give you the further interactive Cost effectiveness for constructing your project.

QE-PRO helps you to perform the Rate Analysis, which further would give you the Resource Consumption Floor wise and Phase wise or Project wise. Interactive Rate Analysis module facilitates you to maintain the HO level or Global level and Project level Rate Analysis, which provides you the facility of maintaining the cost benefits and Resource Consumption for individual Projects.

In addition to estimation, QE-PRO also provides you the value added inputs for preparation of different types of Tenders like Item Rate, Percentage Above Below and Lump-sum Tenders through the highly efficient engines like Profit Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis.

Interface with MS Project is available to export QE-Pro data files to MS Project where the data is transferred along with the Rate Analysis (Or Resource Consumption for the corresponding activity.) The Bar chart can be generated by assigning the duration to the tasks of the project.

The benefits of QE-ProⓇ are:

  1. Fast and accurate quantity computation
  2. Calculates quantities from building plans
  3. Built-in graphical interface to draw building plans
  4. Generation of measurement sheets in LBD format
  5. User-definable Rate Analysis for each and every item
  6. Cost breakup for materials, labor and machines
  7. Project Planning and Gantt charts
  8. Interfaces with MS Project

Who is it for?

  • Architects,
  • Practicing Civil Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • Educational Institutes