eLearning Suite

The eLearning Suite is a multimedia-based eLearning resource developed by SoftTech Engineers Pvt Ltd for teaching, training, and learning the various subjects of Engineering.

SoftTech Engineers Pvt Ltd has developed an eLearning Suite comprised of teaching, training and learning aids for the various subjects of Engineering. The proprietary software packages come with multimedia-based tools beneficial for teachers, trainers, students, and employees of various colleges, institutes, and corporations in India and abroad.

These multimedia-based eLearning resources provide computer-aided teaching, training and learning instructions for a range of subjects -- Electronics; Telecommunications; Instrumentation; and Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Food, and Biomedical Engineering. These learning objectives are integrated with a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) to create an eClassroom, eResource, and eLearning Center in institutes and organizations.

Who is it for?

  • Engineering, Polytechnic, and ITI courses
  • Corporations and Business Schools (Business Ethics & Management Skills)
  • Energy Auditors (Energy Audit and Management)
  • Energy Sectors (Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Conservation and Conversion System, Power Plant Engineering, etc.)
  • Data Entry Operators (computer tutors on MS Office, PC hardware, network maintenance, etc.)
  • Industrial Applications (Energy Management, Non-Destructive Testing, Nano Technology, Embedded System Design, Environment Health & Safety, etc.)

SoftTech Engineers Pvt Ltd’s eLearning Suite comprises the following categories:

  • First Year Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology / Computer Science
  • Mechanical / Automobile / Production Engineering
  • E&TC / Industrial / Instrumentation Engineering
  • Civil / Architecture / Agricultural Engineering
  • HRD & Training Soft Skills Development