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Date: From July 1 to August  31

Time: 11:00 AM & 03:00 PM 

Join us for an exciting and interesting advanced training sessions on UP OBPAS.

It is our constant endeavor to support our users with updated information and insights into our system.

The OBPAS Portal offers all kinds of assistance to the users. Be it a Development Authority Officer, or a property owner or any registered architect or technical engineers, we have got all the support for you

101-July-2021 Map submission through Nivesh Mitra
206-July-2021 Handcapped Lift
308-July-2021 Completion Layout 
4 13-July-2021 Open Car Parking
5 15-July-2021 Self Approval 
6 20-July-2021 Paved Area
7 22-July-2021 Work Commencement and Plinth
8 27-July-2021 Park Area & Width
9 29-July-2021 Revalidation Layout and Building permission
10 03-Aug-2021 Stilt floor area in FAR
11 05-Aug-2021 Government building
12 10-Aug-2021 Slope in set back
13 12-Aug-2021 Common Mistakes while filling form andcomplete view of Static Pages
14 17-Aug-2021 Height of Basement
15 19-Aug-2021 Query Desk and Help desk
16 24-Aug-2021 Ramp to Basement
17 26-Aug-2021 Revision of Maps
18 31-Aug-2021 Covered Area parking at Ground Floor
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