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Date: From May 13 to June  29

Time: 11:00 AM & 03:00 PM 

Join us for an exciting and interesting advanced training sessions on UP OBPAS.

It is our constant endeavor to support our users with updated information and insights into our system.

The OBPAS Portal offers all kinds of assistance to the users. Be it a Development Authority Officer, or a property owner or any registered architect or technical engineers, we have got all the support for you

113-May-2021 Ground Coverage and PreDCR layer drafting
218-May-2021 Self Approval
320-May-2021 Print Layer Usage and layout drafting
4 25-May-2021 Government Building
5 27-May-2021 Drafting of Community Facility Buildings in PreDCR
6 01-Jun-2021 Revalidation Process
7 03-Jun-2021 Drafting of Group Housing & Multiple Buildings in PreDCR
8 08-Jun-2021 Static Page
9 10-Jun-2021 Training for Mutistack Parking & Stilt floor not reading in multi unit files
10 15-Jun-2021 Query desk
11 17-Jun-2021 Misc. issues in PreDCR
12 22-Jun-2021 Revised Proposal Submission
13 24-Jun-2021 Addition and extension proposal submission
14 29-Jun-2021 Marking of internal demolish and carpet area in basement
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